We must have total alignment with our Heavenly Father!
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The life of Jesus was a lesson in how to pray. His prayers were answered! Don't you think we all need to go to His school?  We all need some big prayers answered in our own lives, in our city and nation. Don't despair; it is possible for us to come into the kind of relationship where prayer is answered and changes life situations. I know all of you have your examples of hallelujah times when God moved in and everything was made new. Praise God for that, but I'm looking for more!

In the Lord's prayer Jesus tells us to pray “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is done in heaven”. To me this is the central theme of all prayer, this is our access point to authority and answered prayer.

During World War II there were small groups of highly trained people who used short wave radios to contact the underground resistance army in various nations.  Very fine tuning was required to gain a connection. The tuner was referred to as a cat’s hair! It was so fine. Why am I telling you this? There is a strange similarity in the Spirit for we who wish to see our prayers answered. We need to tune into the Spirit, into the heart of God, to hear His instruction. Radio waves travel in straight lines so that there is an alignment between the source and the receiver. Any divergence will prevent communication, then nothing can be transmitted or received.  What a picture for us. We must have total alignment with our Heavenly Father so that we can hear and tap into all He has to say. Then we will be able to say with the Lord Jesus, "I know that My Father always hears me!"

Many things can interfere with radio reception and so with our ability to hear from our Father. We could go through lists of interferences. Obviously our sins top the list, ruining reception, but I'm thinking of the more subtle problems such as when our hearts are not fully walking in His straight way, then the connection is broken.  There is no alignment but you may not recognize it. This question of alignment has been teasing my mind. Can I encourage you, as you read the Word, test your own heart to see if it is aligned to the Word of God; are you walking in His way? Talk to yourself about attitudes, reactions, responses, thought life; you are fine tuning your heart making it a ready receiver of His instructions and His authority in prayer.

Coming back to the words of The Lord's Prayer you should take note that Jesus didn't just pray, He decreed! "Your Kingdom come Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."  This is not a request, it's a declaration or a decree. When we hear in the Spirit the Father's plans for today upon the earth, or in your family or our nation, that word can come as a declaration or a decree. Proclaim it!  This is not the time to petition God; speak out exactly what the Lord has said.  Your words penetrate the earth and the heavens; they confront the powers of darkness. You speak the Word of God and as such it carries His prophetic power.  Spoken out in faith with the anointing of God it will accomplish what it is sent to do!

So often before we come to the place of interceding with this manner of effectiveness the ground has been prepared with much prayer, heart rending supplications and deep repentance together making the way for effective declaration. All prayer is necessary and all prayer should be anointed and be an echo of what is heard in heaven. The great Intercessor, Jesus, is always praying, He is inviting us to tune in to His prayers by aligning ourselves perfectly with His divine purpose coming out of heaven into the earth. It is a time to put away our solutions, none of our quick fixes will do; we need an invasion of Heaven upon earth and God is waiting for us to align ourselves with Him and be His mouthpiece resounding on earth and in the heavens. Let our praying bring agreement between the Kingdom of Heaven and the earth. 

As the people of God learn to tune into "the airwaves in the Spirit" so our communication will become rich and truly we will be able to say by faith, My father always hears me.[RT]

Outpouring NEWS

There are so many things happening for which we give thanks, yet, we continue in prayer. 

This month we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Eileen and I with our Board Member and friend, Jill Thrift, attended a prophetic conference with Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets. It was a powerful time in the presence of the Lord held in San Marcos, TX, not far from San Antonio. Held just days after the historic victory of Donald Trump's Presidential Election, it was evident that the Nation has entered into a major shift. There was a definite spirit of joy in the place for which we praise God. Several true prophets declared Trump's election victory many years ago. Chuck Pierce did so over 8 years ago.  Despite this amazing victory, we recognize that we must maintain our place on the wall of intercession for the Nation.  We have a new President, but we have only ONE Savior, the Lord, Jesus Christ!

So many things are changing both big and small. We just changed and updated the City Reachers logo which you can see on our website at www.cityreachers.net. It speaks to all we are doing and the fullness of the purpose for which God called this ministry into being; a "Sweeping Move of God in San Antonio". We have included times of prayer with our Coalition of Evangelists meetings. They happen twice a month on a conference call with the Lord has meeting us in powerful ways as we pray. We now have very clear direction for our evangelistic outreach we are planning for the first quarter of 2017.

A Cat' Hair Detector               ***               Worship at the Chuck Piece, Dutch Sheets                Conference

In the San Antonio Christian Leaders Forum (SACLF)  we have been working hard with the sphere leaders and have completed what we call SACLF 2.0. It is long-range planning for up to the year 2040. Next year, we will begin holding our monthly SACLF meetings at the Wayland Baptist University which is also the building where our ministry offices are now located. 

This year the Outpouring Family International (OFI) retreat was at an excellent location, the Haven River Inn, in Comfort, TX. As part of our hosting of the retreat, we presented on what we are doing here in San Antonio and had a few members of our SACLF leadership join us; Harrell Teague and Phillip Telfer. Harrell presented on what we are doing with the SACLF overall and Phillip talked about what is happening in the area of film as the leader of the Arts & Entertainment Sphere table.

The Haven River Inn                ***                    Harrell Teague & Phillip Teller with                                                                        Natalie Hardy  at the OFI Retreat

We are building our list of intercessors and praying people for our PraySA10K initiative. We text prayer points to those who sign up to pray and now have the following categories: Police, Military, Students and Evangelism. Our goal is to raise 10,000 plus intercessors citywide so as to undergird the work of God in the city. You may want to learn more and sign up.  If so, go to www.PraySA10K.com but, by all means, please join us in praying we will get the 10,00 plus intercessors needed. 

May you have a blessed and joyous Christmas with your family and friends! [RT]

  • PRAY for a powerful spirit of tenacity to come upon the Body of Christ in these days! Tenacity in prayer and evangelistic witnessing in the city and nation. 
  • PRAY for a sweeping move of God to impact every sector of life in San Antonio marking the revival and transformation for which we have been working these many years. 
  • PRAY the Church will rise up unapologetically in these days like never before and become all who God has called us to be as His change agents in the Earth. 
  • PRAY for President Elect Donald Trump to fulfill God's purpose for his life and for the Nation as the next President of the United States. 
  • PRAY God to raise up a new group of highly anointed prophets in the city and Nation. There are some God has kept hidden until now; may they rise up now and take their place in the foreordained plan of God. 
  • PRAY for the will of God to be done in the city's Mayoral Election in 2017. It's not too early to pray! 
  • PRAY for a move of God on the college campuses and in our schools in the city. Decree revival! 
  • PRAY San Antonio will fulfill her prophetic destiny as a city.
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