Alan Vincent

The Legacy of A Man of Faith,

A Man of the Kingdom of God

There are men and women whose ministry has left such a transforming mark

upon the lives of those impacted during the  years of their faithful service that

we rightfully say, "they have left a legacy."  Alan Vincent is such a person.

Here, when we talk of legacy, we include the incredible goodness of God who anoints his servants and

imparts good gifts, and we acknowledge that every good gift comes from the Father and "of ourselves we

can do nothing".  No one would consider praising the paintbrush when admiring a beautiful painting! 

Following that analogy, Alan Vincent says, he is "just a paintbrush in God's hands". Alan is recognized in many nations as a faithful apostolic minister who has functioned as a true spiritual father to many. I do not wish to flatter Alan Vincent in this short article, but rather to acknowledge what the Lord has been able to do through his 50 years of faithful service to the Savior he loves.

It all began in 1963 when he left England to serve The Lord in India with his wife, Eileen, who was six months pregnant and their daughter, Rachel, 2 and a half years old.  Three years and six months were spent serving in the Gospel Literature Service in Bombay.  Those early years were "on the job training" with Alan in the Lord's school.  Since his conversion four years earlier, he had not received any formal Bible training, now his Bible knowledge was daily being sharpened as he interacted with Bill Thompson, the leader of GLS.

The family stayed in India over a period of 13 years during which time Alan developed a much sought after teaching gift. Doors opened to many Mission stations where he was able to minister to groups of the choicest of God's servants as well as preaching to every kind of group in countless places in India and Nepal.  So many people were brought into the kingdom, healed from all kinds of sicknesses and demons cast out. Alan had a great ability to assist pastors and leaders with both wisdom to build and vision for the future.

The last years in India were caught up in an exciting move of the Holy Spirit when thousands came to Christ in conjunction with a move of God among the charismatic Catholics in Bombay.  Many churches were planted with able Indian leadership.

When the family moved back permanently to England in 1976, Alan began to lead a small fellowship that grew into a network of churches under his leadership.  His ministry was appreciated widely and he was traveling extensively in Britain, Europe, the Balkan nations, India and Africa.  Alan became a noted teacher at the Downs Bible weeks where about 8,000 would gather for an annual convention. 

The British home churches launched the King's School that still functions today.  With volunteer help, an excellent school was created with first class tuition and very modest fees.  This led to an interview on The 700 Club and our first visit to the USA.

With all of these activities, and their three children adjusting to life in the UK after years in Indian boarding schools, Alan continued to visit India for protracted periods.  It was on one of these occasions that he connected with John Babu and Alan's involvement in the work in Andrah Pradesh began.  Sion Fellowship multiplied through the ministry of signs and wonders accompanied by sound teaching of the Word.  Today, Sion Fellowship has congregations across the State, led by faith-filled, anointed leaders.  Since John went to glory, Alan continues to this day as a true father to Sion Fellowship in relationship with John's son, Mohan.

Alan and his wife, Eileen, moved to the USA in 1991 and a new phase of ministry evolved.  Through his revelatory teaching gift, he has empowered hungry Christians to new depths of understanding resulting in transformed lives and ministries.  For ten years, he taught regular Schools of the Word. These were times when he was able to lay out in detail his insight and revelation concerning faith, the Kingdom of God, Fatherhood, the Melchizedek Priesthood, The Tabernacle of David...and much more. His depth of knowledge flowed from his own voracious appetite for the Word of God and his intellectual pursuit of truth. This led to the extensive range of subjects covered in the Schools of the Word.  MP3's and Video's of the Schools of the Word and many other timeless, classic messages which will establish foundations in the depths of new revelation are available here.

Though he has taught extensively on many topics, Alan's life message, is two-fold:  Faith and the Kingdom of God.  Alan is a man of faith, having repeatedly stepped-out where others would not dare to tread and everything he taught was shot through with faith. Alan began teaching about the Kingdom of God when living in India, and over the years his understanding deepened until it became the lens through which he viewed the work of God in the earth and through His people.  Hear Alan teach at the CAP (Apostolic and Prophetic) Conference in 2004, 2006and 2009

Through his 50 years of  ministry, faith was imparted to dozens of leaders in many nations.  The seeds sown have grown into strong networks, ministries and effective churches under the leadership of his many spiritual sons worldwide.  Nothing carries his name but it does carry his spiritual "DNA".  Alan has always deposited his gift into the local leaders and trusted the Holy Spirit to continue the work.  These godly men have built works  to the glory of God with the wisdom Alan gave and today they acknowledge their indebtedness.  Many of Alan's teachings are available via MP3 audio here

When the spiritual sons get together, there is an awareness that they all come from the same "family".  The family DNA is expressed in faith, prayer, and an in-depth understanding of the Kingdom of God that colors all they do.  Under the leadership of Outpouring Ministries, a family network of like-minded, like-spirited people gathered.  Today, the leadership of this network of spiritual sons, Outpouring Family International, has been given into the capable hands of Barry Wissler in Ephrata, PA.

In about the year 2000, Alan received an impartation to pray for those afflicted with cancer and from that time he has faithfully prayed for people all over the world.  His faith led him to be adventurous in praying for the sick resulting in his seeing many outstanding miracles and healings.  To this day, the healing anointing still flows as well as the authority to cast out demons.

Alan has written three books, The Good Fight of Faith and a companion set, Heaven on Earth and The Kingdom at War.  These resources give the reader the opportunity to slowly digest the revelation for themselves and have become valuable manuals for preaching and teaching. See these books and teachings here

Now, after 50 years of tireless travel and faithful ministry, Alan Vincent is enjoying his well-earned rest at home with his wife, Eileen, in San Antonio, Texas.